Magdalena Schonle – daughter of Frederich & Anna Elizabetha 

Frederich Schienle (the immigrant) and his wife Anna Elizabetha Kolb had a daughter, Magdalena, born about 1776. What ever happened to Magdalena?

From the writings of the Landis family we learn that Magdalena Schonle married Martin Ziegler Landis, son of Martin Landis and Hannah Ziegler. The time of their marriage is unknown. This couple had at least seven children, 6 sons and a daughter … probably more. All these children appear to have been born in Berks County, PA.

In 1828, Martin Landis with most of his sons, left Berks County for the Niagra Falls, NY area. It is unclear if Magdalena was still living. In 1836 and shortly after, it appears that many, if not all of the Landis sons & families again relocated to Waterloo, Jackson Co., Mich.

Currently the location of the grave site of Martin Landis and wife Magdalena is unknown.

Attached is an account of the outlined events of above.