1929 City Directory for Allentown, Pennsylvania 

On page 739 of the Allentown City Directory of 1929 there are 14 different Schoenly names listed as living or working in Allentown, PA. This list includes name, Allentown address, occupation and name of spouse. It’s a good source of information.

Here’s a list of the Schoenlys found in the directory:
Adam E.
Charles B.
Charles H.
Charles L.
Clarence B.
Clement A.
Cora M.
David L.
Harry M.
Otto A.
Raymond B.
Raymond E. and
Warren P.

You’ll notice that most of the names are in Bold type.  These are all descendants of Andreas Schonle’s oldest son, Jacob S. Schonle.  Jacob was the first Schoenly to move his family up to the Allentown area and most of the Schoenly family members living in that area were his descendants.

The orginal source may be found at: http://distantcousin.com/Directories/PA/Allentown/1929/Page.asp?Page=739