New Information from Ancestry’s DNA Testing

Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything to the family blog but I haven’t learned much new in recent months. However, about a week ago I did finally get the results back from Ancestry regarding my DNA tests. They were pretty interesting.

Ancestry offers three different tests. The first traces your paternal heritage thru the DNA sequence. That is the link between you and your father, his father, his father and so on. The second test does basically same thing for your maternal line. That is your mother, her mother, her mother and so forth. Both these test have their limitations. For example, how can you see the DNA info for your father’s mother? -or- your mother’s father? Well you can’t with either of these two tests.

There is a third test which yields kind of blanket coverage and looks for general patterns in the DNA. This is the test I chose to take first and it gave me some interesting results. The most shocking result is that 98% of my DNA is traceable back to the British Isles. The remaining 2% is unidentified. That was a shocker. If I were asked how I would describe my ethnicity, I would estimate at least 50% German but in this test none showed up.

What makes this even more interesting is that these tests can detect and identify patterns within the DNA sequence which allows the matching of sequences to other people and families. I was given a list of people (maybe 20-25) who were distant cousins. About 10 of these were described as 4th – 6th cousins with a 95% certainty. The remaining cousins were 4th – 8th cousins with a certainty rating of at least 50%. So far, I’ve been able to actually find the common ancestor between myself and a few others via the info gained from these DNA tests. Funny thing is, all of the definite links are German.

The testing has linked me with several families with which I know I have connection. Families like: Boyers, Gilberts, Meyers, Stouffer, Latshaws and all of these links are thru the Schoenly line. It’s all velly, velly intellesting.

On another note, I have recent been giving some new and interesting information about Joseph Schoenly & family which I plan to share shortly. Until then, stay tuned.