Rev Horace Yeakel & Family

This is the first post I’ve made for some time.   In recent months I’ve not been working on the family genealogy very much, so there hasn’t been much to report upon.  Last week I was contacted by one of our Schoenly cousins, Kim W..

Kim is the grand daughter of Lloyd Yeakel.  The Yeakels are an old Pennsylvania family with whom Schoenly family members have intermarried for several generation.  I too have Yeakel ancestors, so Kim and I are cousins through at least two different family branches.

To the left are pictured Rev Horace L. Yeakel and his wife Katerine G. Schoenley & son Lloyd Yeakel (Kim’s Grand Dad).  Katerine G. Schoenley was the daugther of Charles Schoenly & wife Catherine Anna Gehmen (pictured below).