Family Info Found at Ancestry.Com

Last month (January 2012), I renewed my ANCESTRY.COM membership which I had allowed to lapse in 2002.  I discovered that Ancestry has made many improvements to the website itself and much additional information is now available.  As a result I have been able to gather much more information and the system is self documenting which has been a glaring problem in my own information gathering.  In short, the cost of this service has been worth it to me.

I’ve been plugging away for about three weeks now and have come up with some really interesting info which I’ve not been able to find elsewhere.  I now have documentation which does prove that Friederich Schienle did come to America in 1754.  I also learned that his older sister accompanied him and was actually listed as the primary passenger on the ship’s manifest and Friedrich under her.  The following is one website documenting the event:

A german website mentions this as well:

I am continuing to gather data and hope to update SCHOENLY.COM with the info in the not too distant future. However this same information is being accumulated at ANCESTRY and as a member I can grant permission to those interested to access that data.  Ancestry membership is not required and the info should remain available even if I drop the service in the future.

I anyone is interested let me know and I’ll arrange access for you.  It does require me to give them your e-mail address, so by accessing the site you maybe making yourself accessible to Ancestry promotions but I don’t think they are too numerous.

Since I am now getting more family info, I probably will be adding to this blog regularly.  So, for now I’ll say good-bye … hope to talk with you again soon.