Henry B. Schonely: What was his mother’s maiden name?

Henry B. Schonely

The attached picture is of Henry B. Schonely.

Henry was the son of George F. & Lucy Schanely.  According to documents handed down by family members, Henry’s middle name was Bauman. Several of his siblings also have the initial ‘B’ as middle initials on their headstones and we assume this would be the mother’s maiden name, as this was the custom at the time they lived. If this is in fact correct, Henry’s mother was Lucy Bauman. However, according to http://records.ancestry.com/Annie_Schanely_records.ashx?pid=9657453 , Lucy’s maiden name was ‘Borneman’. We will show why we think this is incorrect.

First, if we assume that the documents in the possession of family members showing Henry’s middle name to be Bauman to be correct, there is no other family connection to the Bauman family if this is not the mother’s maiden name.

Further, since several, if not all, of Henry’s siblings also had a “B” as the middle initial, it is highly likely that the middle name of all the children was the maiden name of the mother. This was customary at this point in time. Of course, if Lucy’s maiden name was ‘Borneman’ the middle initial of “B” would work as well as Bauman but again family records indicate Henry’s middle name to be ‘Bauman’.

According to the US Census, there were seven ‘Borneman’ families living in Pennsylvania, all in Berks or Montgomery Counties in 1860.  However, none of these families included a daughter named, Lucy.  On the other hand, the family of Henry Bauman, Pike Twp., Berks County did include a daughter Lucy Ann of about the correct age.

Based upon this and a few other details, it is our belief that George F. Schanely’s wife was Lucy Ann Bauman, daughter of Henry Bauman and Sophia Moyer.  Henry and Sophia were Mennonites and are buried in the Mennonite Cemetery in Hereford. (See: http://herefordlist.blogspot.com/ )