More About the Schoenly / Renninger Connection

In my previous post of May 28th, I asked the question, “What is the connection between the Schoenly & Renninger families? The webpage at: records Elisabeth Schoenly marrying Johann Jacob Renninger about 1780 and becoming the parents of 15 children beginning in 1781. It also estimates Elisabeth Schoenly to have been born about 1760 and therefore would have been about 21 when her first child, Elisabeth was born in New Hanover twp..

To look into this question further, I retrieved my copy of A History of the Lutheran Church in New Hanover, PA by Rev J.J. Kline. There is an online, searchable version at: which is a great resource tool. This book contains many, although not all, of the records of the New Hanover Lutheran Church. The following is from a gleaning of these records.

Friederich Schienle(in) and his wife Anna Elisabetha Kolb(in) had six children (1 son & 5 daughters). Only one daughter did not survive to adulthood, that being Anna Maria Schonle, who died at the age of 2 in 1774. She is buried at New Hanover Lutheran Church. The only son Andreas married Anna Maria Schweinhardt. From this couple descend all family members carrying the Schoenly, Schanely, Schoenley & etc. family name. The four remaining daughters, Barbara, Elisabeth, Christina and Magdalena all married and had children. The daughter in question is Elisabeth and the question is: Who did she marry?

According to the translated and transcribe will of Friederich Schienlein that I have, daughters Barbara, Elisabeth and Christina all married Gilberts. (See: ) However, there is information on the web (which I included on my webpages as well) that states that Elisabeth Schoenly married Johann Jacob Renninger. And according to: the marriage was about 1780 with the first child being born in 1781. Now this website does not actually say that Elisabeth was the daughter of Friederich & Elisabeth Schoenly but as far as I can tell there are no other candidates in New Hanover township at that point in time.

Here’s an overview of what I found in the church records of New Hanover Lutheran.

All 5 surviving children of Friederich & Eliabeth Schoenly were confirmed in the New Hanover Lutheran Church. Elizabeth Schoenle (daughter of Friederich) was 15 years old when she was confirmed on May 18, 1782. This would mean she was born about 1767 not 1761 as recorded on the above webpage. Also, if married in 1780, that would make her only about 13 when she married … which although possible I would think unlikely. Then it would also raise the question about being confirmed as a Schoenle in 1782 but was really a Renninger after marrying two years prior. One would also think that she would be noted as the wife of Johann rather than the daughter of Friederich if that marriage took place.

Now it is interesting that Elisaberth’s sister, Barbara Schonle married Johann Jacob Glibert. They had a daughter Maria Magdalena Gilbert who did marry Heinrich Renninger in 1804. Their first child was Elisabeth Renninger, so this maybe the source of confusion …. but who can tell?

I was not able to locate a marriage record between Elisabeth Schoenle & Henrich (Henry) Gilbert but I did find record of the baptism of five children born between 1790 and 1804. The first child, a daughter named Elisabeth, was sponsored by Friederich & Elisabetha Schoenly.

So, it seems to me that the transcribed will of Friederich Schoenlein, drafted in 1808 and executed in 1810, records correctly that his daughter was married to Henry Gilbert, which means the wife of Joahann Jacob Renninger was to someone other than Friederich Schoenly’s daughter Elisabeth.