The Schoenly – Renninger Connection: What is it?

One of the facets of genealogy that makes the hobby interesting is working through information that is sometimes contradictory …. or at least seemingly so. Here’s a problem I’ve known about for some time but has now become for me, a priority to solve.

Friederich Schienle, the immigrant came to America about 1754 and married Anna Elizabetha Kolb(in) in 1760. They had six children, five daughter and a son Andreas. It is through this son that those of us that carry the (Schoenly, Schanely, & etc.) family name have come. With the exception of Anna Maria Schienle, all of Friederich & Anna Elizabeth’s daughters survived to adulthood, married and had families too. Because of name changes, it is more difficult to track the daughters of our families than the sons. That being said, here’s the problem.

The four daughters of Friederich which survived to adulthood were: Barbara, Elizabeth, Christina and Magdolena. According to a transcribed copy of Friederich’s will of 1808, with the exception of Magdolena, all of his daughters married Gilberts. Magdolena married Martin Landis. (See Will at: )

According to the Will, daughter Elizabeth married Henry Gilbert. However, I have found several sources which state that Elizabeth Schienle actually was married to Johann Jacob Renninger. One example is: but there are others as well.

I am beginning to suspect that the transcribed copy of Friederich Schienle’s will that I’ve been using may have some transcription errors. If this is the case and Elizabeth did, in fact, marry Johann Renninger and not Henry Gilbert, it can then be demonstrated that first cousins intermarried within our family. More on that later.

If anyone has some information related to the above, let me know.