David, who are you and where are you from?

I’ve been entering more data into the family database and it’s been a lot of fun. I enjoy it.

However, as I’m sure you can imagine, it is sometimes hard to place the info with the right person. For the longest time I thought there was only one Jefferson Schanely, not so. Jefferson Christman Schanely was a veteran of the Civil War. However today I came across Jefferson H. Schoenly -or- Schanley -or- Schanely -or- Shanley. He too, Like Jefferson C. is buried at Niantic, however, being born in 1859 made him ineligible for the Civil War draft. As it turns out, Jefferson H. is the Nephew of Jefferson C. The name Jefferson must have been a popular one in the family circles because there is at least one other, I think two. Anyway, I did get Jefferson C. & Jefferson H. sorted out today and I feel a lot better now.

The next mystery I’m working on is that of David.

In my notes I had David Schanley married to a Mary but no other family connection. This was one of my very old notes and I had no documentation to put it in context. I fumbled around for awhile and found a David Schanely with a Mary as wife on the “Family Search Website” … they noted the name to be on the US Census of 1870. When I looked it up on the census I found David Schanely, living in Douglas Twp., with his wife, “Mary A.. Both David and Mary were listed as 49 years of age which meant that they were both born about 1821. Also listed were two daughters, Elmira (age 14) and an illegible name (age 18). Also, listed was Frederick Schanley (age: 76 – born abt 1794) which was immediately recognizable as Andreas Schonly, (Sr)’s son Friederich.

I also found this same family on the US Census of 1860 under David Shaenly and in 1880 as David Schoenly. Frederick, however, was listed only on the 1870 US Census with David.

If David was born in 1821 as all of the US Census records seem to indicate, then he was born in the very next generation after Frederick (b. 1794) and his brothers. I would think that in one’s old age you’d be more likely to live with a son or daughter than you would be to live with a niece or nephew. So my speculation is that Friederich was David’s father with whom he lived in 1870. However, the only children I have listed for Frederick are: Maria, SaraAnn, Jefferson and Frederick. If David is, in fact, the son of Frederick, he would be Frederick’s oldest child.

So we continue to search, sort and speculate.