A Schoenly Schwenkfelder Connection

Pedigree of Elizabeth Boyer

In a previous post or two, Andreas Schoenly (jr) and his wife Elizabeth Boyer have been mentioned. Andreas was the third son of Andreas (sr) and the grandson of Friederich the immigrant.

His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of Jacob Boyer & Sarah Schubert. The Schuberts were among the very earliest Schwenkfelder immigrants from Lower Silisia, currently part of Poland.

The Schwenkfelders were a religious group of people which underwent persecution during the time of the Reformation. The Schuberts and other allied families were leaders among those within the Schwenkfelder ranks coming to America.

More information about the Schuberts & Schwenkfelders can be found at the following links:

You can download Elizabeth Boyer’s pedigree chart from the hyperlink at top of page.