The Schoenly Sweinhart Connection

With a few exceptions, all the Schoenlys, Schanelys, Schonelys & etc. of America trace their heritage back to the immigrant Friederich Schienlin who arrived in America in 1754. His wife was Anna Elizabetha Kolb and they had five daughters but only one son Andreas… he in turn married Anna Maria Sweinhart. So all of us Schoenlys are also Kolbs & Sweinharts too.

Anna Maria Sweinhart was the daughter of John George Andreas Sweinhart & his wife Anna Maria Schmeidin. John George apparently was known as George Sweinhart. George Sweinhart was born in Bachlinger, Jagskreis, Wuertenberg, Germany on February 15, 1725. Evidently he was brought to America by his parents sometime before 1752. Both his parents are buried at New Hanover Lutheran Church.

In Germany and also in some records here, the Sweinhart name is spelled Schweinhardt which no doubt is the original German spelling.