Schoenly Burial Grounds

As most of us know, Friederich Schienle arrived in America in 1754, was married about 1759-1760 to Anna Elizabetha Kolb and had six children, all girls except for one son. In 1810 Friederich died and was buried in the cemetery of New Hanover Lutheran church.

In the records of New Hanover there are several entries regarding Schoenly family members. Both Barbara & Andreas (sr) were confirmed there in 1780, as well as some others. I suppose this was the family’s home church for many years.

Interestingly, Friederich’s wife lived until 1840 and died at the age of 97 years. When she died, for reasons unknown, she was not buried next to her husband at New Hanover but in the Union Church Cemetery (now Good Shepherd Church Cemetery) in Boyertown, Several other Schoenlys were buried there as well during the 1840’s. These folks were: Friederich & Anna Elizabetha’s only son Andreas, Andreas’ wife Maria (Schweinhardt) and their grandson Friederich Schonly and his mother Maria (Christman) Schonly.

A number of years ago, many of those buried in the cemetery, including our family members, were moved and re-interred to make space for the expansion of the church building. They are now buried in a common grave within the cemetery property.

If interested, you can find a listing of the burials and other info at the following link.