The Will of Friederich Schonlein

The following is the Will of Friederich Schonlein in a more complete form …. and provided to us by Pat Schoenly Folk. Thanks Pat.

Friederich Schonlein’s Will Will Book Vol. V, page 266 Berks County Court House, Reading PA

(Translated from the German original)

In the Name of God Amen.
I Friederich Schonlein of Colebrookdale Township Berks County and State of Pennsylvania farmer,am weak of bodily strength but of sound mind and Reflection thanks be given to God, and I think of the mortality of my Life and know that it is destined for all men once to die, therefore I herewith my last Will and Testament in manner following.
I recommend my Soul into the Hands of the almighty God who has given it and my Body to the Earth to be buried in an Christian like order at the discretion of my Executor, and touching my worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in my lifetime, I give and bequeath in manner following. First it is my Will, that all my just Debts and Funeral Expenses be paid, Second, It is my Will, that my wife Elizabeth shall have for her Dwelling the house which I at present have in Possession, so long she lives, she shall likewise have the Right to have the House goods, or as much as she wishes thereof to have for her Use as long as she lives, as likewise Yearly eight bushels good Rye, four bushels good Wheat, three bushels good Buckwheat (one Barrel Cyder, three Gallons Whiskey, Apples, and Fruit as much she wants if it gives fruit) ten pounds of good Flax, ten pounds good fine , four pounds good Wool, one hundred and twenty pounds good pork, sixty pounds of Beef, twelve dozen of eggs, yearly between the month of March and September. My wife Elizabeth shall likewise have her Choice to keep one of my Cows, she must be fed for her like the rest on the Place and in the summer in Pasture as the others, likewise, she shall have the half of the garden for her use, he must likewise be manured and dug, she shall likewise have a Horse to ride to Church or elsewhere when she desires, likewise Firewood sufficient hauled home and cut small and delivered in the House, so much she has need for. Likewise shall she be nursed when she gets sick or other ways weak for old age and such necessaries be procured for her as she has need for. She shall likewise have a quarter of an acre of Land and the same plowed and manured as usual to plant therein what she likes, she shall likewise have the Right in the Bake oven to bake and at the water as much as she needs for. My wife Elizabeth shall have the Right, if she wishes no longer to live in her Dwelling so may she move any where else to her children or where she likes and vent away her Dower what she cannot take along. All these forementioned bequeathments and deliverings shall be given by my son Andrew, she shall likewise have the Right to keep for her use the money which I have in the Chest and the Linens therein. But should she entermarry again after my Decease, so is it my Will, that she shall move off with empty Hand, and her moveable Dower as Hous=Furnitur and Cow shall be sold and equally divided amongst my children. Thirdly, It is my Will and I give and bequeath unto my son Andrew and to his Heirs and Assigns my Plantation whereon I at present live situate in said Colebrookdale Township, containing one hundred acres of land with the Appurtinances thereunto belonging to have and to hold unto him my son Andrew Schonlein his heirs and Assigns for ever at the price of eight hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania, of which sum he shall pay three hundred pounds as the first payment one year after my Decease, to wit, two hundred pounds shall remain standing and he must pay yearly the interest thereof to my wife Elizabeth for her lively subsistance, and then every year fifty pounds as a yearly payment until the whole sum of eight hundred pounds are paid. But should my wife Elizabeth die before the whole sum is paid, then shall he pay yearly seventy five pounds as a yearly payment, But my Son Andrew dost not sell the Land as long as my wife Elizabeth is alife without her consent. Further it is my Will, that the one hundred pounds of the first Payment and the Money of the Bonds and Notes, which I at present have in my Possession come to the hands of my herein after named Executors, then shall the same directly be equally divided amongst my aftermentioned Children to wit: to my son Andrew, my Daughter Barbara (entermarried with Jacob Gilbert) Elizabeth (Entermarried with Henry Gilbert) Christina (entermarried with John Gilbert) Magdalena (entermarried with Martin Landis) and the money which comes from the Yearly Payment of the Land shall be equally divided, to wit: The First Payment of fifty Pounds to my son Andrew, the second payment of fifty pounds to my Daughter Barbara, the third Payment of fifty pounds to my Daughter Elizabeth, the fourth Payment to my Daughter Christina, the fifth Payment to my Daughter Magdalena and then to begin again with the oldest and as they follow according to Age a Payment as they come due, until all the money of the payments be equally divided and the same to hold to them my said Children their Heirs and Assigns forever. Lastly I nominate my Son Andrew and my Son in Law Jacob Gilbert as my lawful executors and empower them to bring this my last Will into Execution and ratify this Foregoing as my last Will and Testament, I disannul all former wills by me made. Done the seventh Day of April one thousand eight hundred and eight.
Sealed signed and Declared as the last Will and Testament of Friederich Schonlein in the presence of us—-Henry Frey
Nicholas Vegli