Landis / Schoenly Family Connection

The other day I provided a link to a webpage which displays a portion of the will of Friederich Schonlein, our guy, the immigrant. Friederich mentions in that will his daughter, Magdolena, being ‘entermarried’ with Martin Landis … and thus connecting the Schoenly/Schanely family with the Landis family. This is the first known connect of the two families but there are others. The Landis’ married into the Bauer, Ziegler and other Mennonite families and they in turn married Schoenlys and vice-versa.

Magdolena’s husband was actually Martin Ziegler Landis and his line goes back to Germany from which his Mennonite ancestors immigrated. The Mennonites were a persecuted group of Anabaptist Christians …. and it is probable that Martin Landis was a descendant of the Mennonite Martyr Hans Landis.

The following is one of many links giving a history of the events surrounding the execution of Hans Landis.