On December 10, 1766, Friederich Schonlein received the deed for 100 Acres, 101 Perches of Land from Israel Pemberton. The area was not considered Philadelphia County (Berks County was formed in 1752), but it was recorded in the Philadelphia Deed Book Volume III, page 297. This land was located in Colebrookdale Township, Berks County.

Friederich sold the “Plantation” to his only son, Andreas, for “eight hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania” on April 6, 1808, as outlined in his will, which is dated April 7, 1808 .

On June 14, 1837, the land was surveyed and divided among three of Andrew’s sons, Friederick, Andrew, Jr., and George by J. Stauffer. The draught was completed on January 1838 by D.S. Shultz. Soon after this, portions of the adjacent parts of Colebrookdale and Hereford Townships were consolidated and incorporated to form Washington Township. Ten acres, 36 perches of the farm, along the old Berks-Montgomery County line, were sold to George’s son-in-law, David Miller, in 1857. The farm was sold off in separate sections to different persons after 1857.