Schoenlys May Have Royal Ancestries

I came across this article which is pretty interesting.  I have not come across any of our royal ancestors but somehow I feel it’s true.  I bet  you feel it too, right?  😎    The article can be found at:

For the Schoenlys out there who descend from Andreas (jr) and Elizabeth Boyer…. I did discover that Elisabeth Boyer did have an ancestor by the name of Aldert Roosa.  Roosa was Dutch and emigrated from the Netherlands to New York about 1650.   This guy was quite a character, a good deal can be learned about him using a Google search.

Aldert’s genealogy goes back a few generations in the Netherlands and then it get’s interesting.  Basically one line of research brings the family from Spain during the Inquisition as Sephardic Jews.  Another line of research has produced a genealogy published in Dutch showing the Roosa line descending from Charlemagne.

I think these kind of things make this hobby really interesting…. but I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole truth.