Questions, questions & questions

Over the years, while working on the family genealogy, I frequently came to a spot where an apparently unanswerable question arose. At that point I would just lay it aside and move on. Sometimes the questions were answered later but at other times they simply remained. Here’s one that still lingers for me.

Friederich Schienle (the immigrant) had a daughter by the name of Elisabeth. I have her married to Johann Jacob Renninger in 1787 at the age of 20. However, when Friederich Schienle made his last will in 1808, Elisabeth is married to Henry Gilbert. (See Friedrich’s last will: ) I suppose J. Jacob Renninger could have died and Elisabeth remarried. Two of her other sisters, Barbara & Christina had married Gilberts.

Did Elisabeth & J. Jacob have any children? There are examples of Schoenlys marrying Renningers in later generations. If these Renningers were descendants of Elisabeth …. I guess these unions would have produced children with a double dose of Schoenly genes.

Oh my, I guess all our questions will never be answered.