Wherever You May Be: The Bill Schonely Story

Bill Schonely will be one of the few living Schonelys I’ll be writing about. I feel free to do this because almost everything I have to say is from his autobiography, “Wherever You May Be: The Bill Schonely Story”.

Bill is a popular, retired sportscaster who made his mark out in Portland Oregon as a sportscaster for the Portland Trail Blazers (as well as other cities).

Bill is one of the clan, born in Norristown and the grandson of Henry B. Schonely who was noted to be “Pottstown’s oldest barber” back in the early 1950’s by the Pottstown Mercury.

Although I’m not really a sports fan, I did enjoy reading this book and got some good family info from it.  I recommend family members, interested in this branch of the family, to read it.  You’ll enjoy it too.