According to some information I received years ago, Fred’K Schienlin (Shanely, Schoenly, Schanely & etc.) came to America in 1754. It is my understanding that his departure for America was noted in the church records at Steinenbronn. However, I have never been able to find a record of his actual arrival.

Sometime ago I did find that a “Fred’k Shallin” is recorded to have arrived in Philadelphia on the ship ‘Henrietta’ on October 22, 1754. Fred’k Shallin was a bondsman, that is an indentured servant who worked a set period of time to pay his passage. Could this be our Friedrich? This list can be viewed at: http://www.ristenbatt.com/genealogy/shiplst4.htm

If anyone has any information about our guy’s arrival, let’s hear about it. Thanks.

  • Walt