Schienles from Deutschland

When I first started researching (if that’s what you call what I do) the Schoenly/Schanely genealogy my goal was to try to find the first Schoenly immigrant to America. My father thought the family went back as far as the 1700’s. Well, in my quest, I found that others had already done much of that work and even had info going back to 15th century Germany. Mr. William S. Cahn of Philadelphia was a great help to me when I first started out.

Anyway, I learned that the family has roots back to Steinenbronn & Waldenbuch, Germany. These two towns or villages are both close to the large city of Stuttgart in southwest Germany.

Recently I discovered a marriage record of an Albert Schienle to a Eva Eckart…. the wedding taking place in Manhattan, NY on February 20, 1892. The record states that Albert was born in Stuttgart, Germany to Albert Schienle and Catherine Bauer..

I found another entry of an Albert Schienle arriving at Ellis Island on December 22, 1923, age 26, from Steinenbronn, Germany. That means he’d have been born about 1897. He was described as being 5”8′ tall, a mason by trade, fair skinned, blonde hair and brown eyes. Albert was on his way to live with his uncle, George Cavner in Lee County, Iowa.

Earlier that year Emma Schienle arrived from Steinenbronn on June 17, 1923. She was going to stay with her uncle in New York city. She was describes as 4’4” tall, blonde hair, green eyes. At 16 years of age, she would have been born about 1907.

My guess is that these folks are probably related to our American family but I have no idea how. Maybe someday we’ll find out.