Schoenly Slackers

Jonathan Schoenly

Schoenlys today are watered down versions of their forefathers. I would like to direct your attention to Jacob Schweinhardt Schonly.

Jacob was the eldest son of Andreas Schonly, sr and grandson of Friederich the immigrant.

Jacob was married twice, first to Hannah Bierbrauer and then after Hannah’s death to Catharine S.. With Hannah, starting in 1810 he had at least 5 children: Maria, Abraham, Catherine, Elisabeth and Henry.

When he married Catherine, he appears to have relocated from Berks county to Lehigh county, Pa. There he became the father of Jacob, William, Charles, Jonathan, Salome, Andreas, George C. and Anna. So, over a 30 year period Jacob had at least 13 children which in my estimation makes the rest of us ‘Slackers’.

Attached is a photo of Jacob’s son Jonathan born in 1828.