Headstone of Friederich Schienlin

Freiderich Schienlin’s Headstone

Yesterday I was down state and had the opportunity visit the cemetery at the New Hanover Lutheran Church. It is in this cemetery that Frederich Schienlin is buried.

I believe this church is where Freiderich’s children were confirmed. Most, if not all of his daughters married Gilberts and in the cemetery there are a number of Gilberts buried nearby…. but no other Schoenlys. His wife, son and son’s wife were buried over in Boyertown in the cemetery of St. John’s Lutheran Church (I think). They are buried under the name of Schonly (with umlaut).

About 10-12 years ago, I took a picture of Frederich’s headstone but the stome has deteriorated a bit since that time.

The grave is immediately behind the church, three rows behind a a marker for the Revolutionary War Soldiers who died in the church when used as a hospital during the Revolutionary War.