Berks County Records

Today I came across numerous 1880 Census printouts of family member records. I think there will be a bunch of info in these pages not yet out on Schoenly.Com..

I also came across a good deal of info from the Berks County webpage. Originally this was a free service and at that point in time I printed out a bunch of stuff. They then began charging a fee BUT it appears now to be free again. However, you do need to register, which is very simple, to access their database. The link for these pages is:

On this website can be found Birth, Death & Marriage records. I searched using only the last name ‘Schoenly’ and found many. There is a tab at the top of the page which is where you select a period of time to search.

Interestingly, for death records from 1780 – 1914 an alternate last name field was displayed. For all Schoenlys dying within this period, the alternate last name was listed as Shanely. After this first period range, no alternate was listed. I suppose by that time they expected for you to have made a final decision about who you were.

Another interesting thing about these tables…. on the marriage record look up, you can locate the spouse’s name by using the volume & page number and doing a look up on those fields.

Pretty neat stuff …. try it when you get a chance.